Isla Mujeres travel tips

Travel tips - Isla Mujeres

Turquoise sea, warm breeze, white sand, and caress on the bare skin. That is Isla Mujeres. It is located in the Caribbean Sea and it is part of the state Quintana Roo. A real pleasure is to visit this Mexican paradise. Therefore, let us recommend the following tips for your next trip to Isla Mujeres.

1. Flights

flights to isla mujeres
Tips for Isla Mujeres - Flights to Isla Mujeres

Search your flights to Cancun in advance. Buying flights in the same week you travel will be more expensive. Be one step ahead and set alerts on Google about the prices of your flights and that way you can receive notifications so you will be able to find out which day is the ideal to buy your travel ticket.

2. How to get there

ferry to isla mujeres
Tips for Isla Mujeres - Ferry to Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is located in the state of Quintana Roo and more specifically, in the Caribbean Sea. To get to Isla Mujeres you must first go to Cancun and from there take either a ferry or a catamaran tour. If you are in Cancun there are different places where you can take a ferry; Puerto Juarez and the Hotel Zone. In Hotel Zone there are three locations where ferries depart; Tortugas Beach, Caracol Beach and El Embarcadero. Choose the one that suits you best!

If you are looking for a catamaran tour you can also reach Isla Mujeres in a more personal and private way. It is an excellent option for those who want to spend a pleasant time in the Caribbean Sea. Albatros is a distinguished company that stands out for the incredible experience it offers to all its customers, we recommend it!

3. A good hotel

best hotel in isla mujeres
Tips for Isla Mujeres- A good hotel

To really get to know Isla Mujeres and enjoy it as it should, we recommend you stay for a weekend. We assure you one day will not be enough to be on the beach. The secret is a good hotel. One of your best options is the Hotel Izla, in front, it has the beach and thanks to its location you can easily and quickly move to any part of Isla Mujeres. Its excellent service and friendly atmosphere will make you feel on a daydream.

4. Beaches

beach in isla mujeres
Beach in Isla Mujeres

Going to Isla Mujeres is going to visit its beaches and immerse yourself in a rejuvenating bath. The best beaches that you cannot miss on your visit are without a doubt; North Beach, South Point and Garrafón Beach. You will see that with the sunset, a very cold beer and an excellent company, your day at the beach will be a memory to treasure. You can also choose a tour to meet either the whale shark, swim with dolphins, snorkel, go to Contoy Island ... There are many options!

5. What can not be missed?

seafood in isla mujeres
Tips for Isla Mujeres - Seafood

What you should not miss on your trip to season your adventure is the food. Because it is an island, seafood is obviously the specialty here. Tikinxic fish is the quintessential dish that when you try it there will be no way you can forget it. But you can also try a fresh snail ceviche or a good shrimp cocktail. Take the taste of Isla Mujeres home!

6. Tours in Isla Mujeres

tours in isla mujeres
Tours in Isla Mujeres

In Isla Mujeres, there is always something to do. We recommend that at the same time that you are looking for your flights to Cancun, reach what kind of activities you would like to do and just with one click you can book any tour online. If you are not a fan of buying with a credit card in internet portals, do not worry! Investigating has never hurt anyone, look in the same way what you would like to do and when you arrive at Isla Mujeres you will already have an idea of ​​the prices and the type of activities you can do here.

7. Nightlife

clubs in isla mujeres mexico
Tips for Isla Mujeres: Nightlife in Isla Mujeres

If you are one of those who prefer to go out at night, we have what you are looking for. If you like the beach atmosphere, relaxed but at the same time fun Isla Mujeres. We recommend ICEBAR and Kokonuts. On the contrary, if you are more city, you love the massive and break the dance floor ... In the Hotel Zone of Cancun, you will find Coco bongo, Mandala, Daddy’O and many more! If we know something to do in Mexico, it is a good party.

8. Know

chichen itza mexico
Chichen Itza

Being in Isla Mujeres and therefore in the state of Quintana Roo, you are surrounded by multiple places that you can visit. To mention some like; Chichen Itza, Tulum, Cozumel, Holbox, Rio Lagarto, Xixim, etc ... Much is never enough if you are someone who is not conformist and you are always looking for adventure here is your place.

9. Shopping

mexican handcrafts in isla mujeres
Tips for Isla Mujeres - Shopping

It is a rule to take with us a souvenir from each place we visit. In Isla Mujeres, you will find many crafts, crafts, art, and paintings. If you are looking for shopping centers, you can take the ferry to Cancun that takes about 20 minutes and visit La Isla, Puerto Cancun, Luxury Avenue or Plaza las Américas. You will find multi-brand stores, restaurants, fast food and more...

I think you already realized that only one day of sight will not supply you... Beaches, restaurants, tours, emblematic monuments, nightclubs ... Therefore, enjoy Isla Mujeres and all that it has to offer! Let's pack up now!

things to do in Isla Mujeres

Discover Isla Mujeres: Isla Contoy Park

Go to an island inside of another island. It even seems philosophical rhetoric, but possible. Discover Isla Contoy National Park in Isla Mujeres.

A heavenly hideaway for everyone who visits it. Fall in love with its warm waters and the beauty of the wildlife that is inside.

You should know that the mangroves on Isla Contoy are, since November 2, 2003, one of the Ramsar sites, which means The Convention Relating to Wetlands of International Importance, especially as Waterfowl Habitat. Therefore, to ensure environmental protection is carried out in this place the ecotourism. What does this mean? Ecotourism is a more environmentally conscious style of tourism; it carries out a sustainable way to help the preservation of ecosystems.

Keep in mind that only 200 visitors are allowed per day, to have greater control over who enters and takes care of the place. Tours for Isla Contoy usually include drinks, continental breakfast, transfer from your hotel to the boat, transportation and snorkeling equipment. We recommend bringing a camera, sandals, a cap, sunscreen, biodegradable repellent, and attitude! You will interact with turtles, a variety of fish, birds and much more!

Isla Contoy Park - Izla Hotel - Beachfront Hotel in Isla Mujeres

Make your reservation in time if you want to reach a place, the best time to go is in summer. Avoid the month of September, it is the rainy season so, it could ruin your trip. Located 30 kilometers north of Isla Mujeres, and only authorized boats can reach it. The driving hours are leaving 9:00 am and returning at 5:00 pm.

Meet Isla Contoy, a true Mexican paradise to rest and enjoy!


Enjoy Isla Mujeres traditions and parties

Isla Mujeres is not only beach and sand. It also has traditions, parties, and culture. We are sure that if the tourists had the time to meet and live them, they would be amazed. The purpose of traveling is to meet, discover, and admire. Therefore, let us discuss some Isla Mujeres traditions and parties so that you arrive you will be prepared for the action.

Island Carnival

Enjoy Isla Mujeres traditions and parties - Izla Hotel - Hotel in Isla Mujeres

The Isla Mujeres Carnival is one of the most important parties that take place during the year. It is celebrated for four days since 1876, so this tradition is carried in the veins of all of us. This 2019 was held from March 1 to 5; the streets were flooded with color, party, beer, crafts, and much joy. Get ready to break the track and have fun with the taste of the Caribbean!

Feast of the Immaculate Virgin

Izla Hotel - Hotel in Isla Mujeres

Mexico, for the most part, is a Catholic country. The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, the patron saint of Isla Mujeres, is celebrated twice a year, one is at the founding parties and the other on December 8. A previous day a caravan is performed singing the virgin's birthday song to culminate in mass. While on December 8 there is a procession with several boats in honor of the virgin.

The Anniversary of the Foundation

Enjoy Isla Mujeres traditions and parties - Izla Hotel - Hotel in Isla Mujeres

On August 17, 1850, it was when Isla Mujeres was inaugurated. This August 2019 was commemoration 169 and was celebrated with a great variety of cultural events, music, and food. You cannot lose this!

Whale Shark Festival

Izla Hotel - Hotel in Isla Mujeres

Likewise, the whale shark festival takes place July 20-23. This holiday seeks to connect the human being with nature and not forget that we coexist together.

In conclusion, the importance of the roots, the origin, and not forgetting where we come from gives us a feeling of belonging and a patriotic pride rooted in our hearts and our lives. Live the traditions of your country and experience those of others. Meet, admire, and live!