romantic spots in isla mujeres

Three unique and romantic spots in Isla Mujeres

Are you looking to escape to Mexico for a romantic date with your beloved one? Head to Isla Mujeres to visit one of our romantic spots in Isla Mujeres!

How to get to Isla Mujeres ? 

If you are flying into Cancun, use a Cancun Shuttle to transport you to Puerto Juarez; where you can take a ferry to get to the island. The Cancun Shuttle´s rate is between $28- 30 dollars roundtrip. The driver will take you directly from the airport to Puerto Juarez (a 40 minutes ride). Ferries depart every 30 minutes, and roundtrip tickets only cost 15 dollars. Tickets can easily be purchased upon arrival from the Puerto Juarez ticket office or pre-purchased online.

Once you’ve arrived via ferry and retrieved your luggage, getting a taxi to your hotel is no problem. Drivers are waiting and happy to take you to your final destination. Expect to pay anywhere between $5 – $10 depending on the proximity of your hotel to the Playa Norte ferry station.

1. Rooftop | HOTEL IZLA 

romantic spots in isla mujeres
Romantic spots in Isla Mujeres

The first stop in our romantic spots in Isla Mujeres is Izla Hotel, a five-star luxury retreat on the shores of Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and one of the newest hotels on the island. It is located right on the beach, a little outside of the central part of town with two beautiful pools

Whether you’re planning a family vacation, group getaway, or romantic escape for two, Izla Hotel has the perfect package deal or hotel special to meet your needs. 

Your favorite spot at the hotel will be rooftop, because of it´s spectacular beach view pool, with comfy sunbeds right above the water,

You can spend afternoons here, relaxing and refreshing yourself with the Happy Hour (2x1 in beverages from 6 to 7 pm).

2. Playa Norte:                 

Bucket list for Isla Mujeres
Romantic spots in Isla Mujeres              

Start your day visiting Playa Norte, the island’s most famous beach! (which stretches along the entire north end) . It offers vast expanses of snow-white sand and sparkling turquoise water perfect for snorkeling. The best snorkeling spot is underneath the wooden bridges! You´re going to end exhausted and hungry; so delight your palate with your favorite food, on beach front restaurants, as the sun sets away, with music, cool breeze, the smell of saltwater while you´re having a romantic dinner. It´s going to be the most perfect and breathtaking sunset you´ll ever see! (Don´t worry about food, you´ll find excellent restaurants specialized in fresh seafood). 

3. Explore PUNTA SUR by Golf cart: 

Romantic spots in Isla Mujeres

During your stay on Isla Mujeres, you must take time to explore the south end of the island where Punta Sur is located. Here you will find rocky shoreline with breathtaking cliff views, sculptures, and a lighthouse as well as a serpentine walking path along the ocean.

Golf cart rentals are accessible and available on nearly every corner in the downtown area. Prices range from $45-$55 for a full day rental and are a romantic way to see all the island has to offer.

how to get around isla mujeres

How to get around in Isla Mujeres?

Isla Mujeres is an island full of charm and, in some way, small, in conclusion, easy to move. Therefore, here we will recommend the best options so you can get to know the island from head to toe, explore the secrets and beauty that hide in the majestic Caribbean Sea.

Continue reading and learn how to get around Isla Mujeres.

Get around Isla Mujeres on a Golf cart!

how to get around isla mujeres
Golf Cart - Izla Hotel

One of the most iconic ways on the island is a golf cart. In Isla Mujeres, even locals use it!

To enjoy the experience, you will have multiple establishments to choose the best option. Prices are usually between 800-900 pesos, from 9 am to 5 pm; however, on many occasions, we can bargain with people who offer this service outside the ferry port negotiating a price of up to 200 pesos less per rental.

But wait! Take advantage of your visit and enjoy a beautiful sunset in Isla Mujeres, as you can rent the golf cart for up to 24 hrs.

TIP: do not forget to bring your driver's license with you as it will be necessary to use the golf carts.


how to get around isla mujeres
Motorcycle - Izla Hotel

This option is a little less popular; however, if you are a fan of speed and bikes is equally valid, and its price is similarly more affordable since it varies between 350 pesos.


how to get around isla mujeres
Taxi - Izla Hotel

Our last recommendation is better known, and the fastest way to get to your destination, a taxi. You can take one just a few meters from the maritime terminal of Isla Mujeres. Prices vary depending on the distance traveled.

Now that you know how to get around in Isla Mujeres include one of this list in your next visit and explore this tropical paradise like never before, also complement your trip by staying at the best hotel in Isla Mujeres: Izla Hotel.