Off the coast of Cancun, there is a small island that smells like the West Indies: Isla Mujeres. This island is famous for its colorful houses and its exceptional sea bed, plus, its gentle way of life is the perfect place to spend Mother’s Day away from the hectic city hustle and bustle… and come-back with nice memories in your head… And, to do that, we’ll give you a few little ideas to spend a memorable and loving Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres.

Spend the day at Garafon Park:

One of the most beautiful sites on the island, enough to amaze your mother and fill her eyes with wonder. On the program, relaxation on the hammocks, open bar to sip the best Mexican cocktails, swimming with dolphins, snorkel, and many other surprises there is something for everyone.

An authentic island restaurant

Another alternative to celebrate Mother’s Day in Isla Mujeres, even more, relaxing you can take your mother to eat in a typical restaurant of Isla Mujeres with a heavenly view on the beaches of the island, it will allow her to discover the Mexican specialties. After a good meal, the direction a spa afternoon, massage, a manicure, all is good to pamper your mother!

The beach

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than to laze in front of a magnificent sunset that only Isla Mujeres can offer you. For that, go to one of the best spots of Isla Mujeres: Playa Norte! A paradisiacal beach with white sand and turquoise water all this accompanied by many palm trees. The perfect postcard for your mom. Don’t forget to immortalize all these beautiful moments that will remain engraved forever.

At Izla Hotel we are more than happy to celebrate Mother’s Day with you. All our team will be there to make you have a magical time! See you soon…