Casa Caracol en Isla Mujeres - Hotel Izla

Casa Caracol en Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is one of the places treasured by Mexico for many reasons. How not to fall in love with Isla, its beautiful beaches, its delicious climate, and the delicacy of its food? But these things you already know them. Something new? You will surely not be aware of Casa Caracol in Isla Mujeres. Continue reading...

¿What is Casa Caracol?

casa caracol isla mujeres
Casa Caracol in Isla Mujeres - Hotel Izla

The architect Octavio Campo was born in Guanajuato in 1943, is a Mexican painter with a versatile style.

Octavio Campo, with a flash of inspiration in the 90s, built Casa Caracol. Legend has it that his brother, Eduardo, visited him and his wife frequently, so Octavio decided to make him a house. But as a good architect and painter, it could not be any house. It had to be different, peculiar, and unique. Octavio went out to the sea to look for a breath of answers until he grabbed a snail from the sand, and an idea emerged.

It was a house on the sea, surrounded by greenery, and with an exterior in the shape of a snail. Undoubtedly captivated Octavio. It caused such a stir... That one is never enough. So, a few years later, they began to build several of these around with a pool and gardens — an incredible set to visit.

If you think that snails inspired only the outside, we are pleased to tell you that you are wrong. It is an integral concept. The interior is wholly designed without losing sight of the idea. The main house has two floors; in the lower part, there is the kitchen, living room and a small bathroom. At the top are the master bedroom and a bathroom with a unique bathtub.

Casa Caracol is located in the southern part, next to the road that surrounds Isla Mujeres.

wedding in isla mujeres

Weddings in Isla Mujeres

The day so special and dreamed by the couple; the wedding. Preparations, food, invitations, dress, suit, rings ... You have to think about everything that day! And most likely, I missed more details. One of them is the location. For any event, we need a place and date. Well, all the logistics will start from there. The ideal wedding venue? Isla Mujeres, without hesitation. Come and celebrate your wedding in Isla Mujeres.

Wedding in Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel

It's no surprise that the state of Quintana Roo is a favorite to celebrate weddings. The beauty of its beaches and the friendliness of its people make it a cuddly and warm destination for anyone who visits it. We could say that Isla Mujeres is the spoiled of Quintana Roo, small, young, beautiful, and well maintained. So inadvertently wanting always attracts attention.
What does Isla Mujeres have to offer you and your partner?

The turquoise Caribbean Sea will surround you at all times, the weather is ideal, and the gastronomic offer is exquisite. There are a thousand and one reasons why Isla Mujeres is everyone's favorite destination. Find out for yourself!
In Isla Mujeres, you will find several hotels where either you celebrate your wedding, your honeymoon, or both. Hotel Izla will exceed your expectations with its excellent location in front of the sea, the service, and the amenities it offers to make it an unforgettable day for you and your guests. There are different services that the hotel offers to make your life easier in this critical event.

wedding in isla mujeres
Wedding in Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel

Enter our wedding section and get more information about what we can do for you on that important day.

“Being with you or not being with you is the measure of my time.” - Jorge Luis Borges

isla mujeres in one day

Isla Mujeres in one day

The island is a small paradise located in Mexico that undoubtedly leaves a mouth open to everyone who sees it. Traveling to Isla Mujeres in just one day will undoubtedly be a challenge because although it is not so big it has so much to offer, see, and visit. Therefore, not waste time and let's get started!

The ferry

ferry to isla mujeres
Ferry to Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel

To move to Isla Mujeres you must take a ferry. If you will only be one day in Isla Mujeres you will have to make it worth it, so our advice is to take the first ferry to sail. Remember that depending on where you take the ferry, the schedules change. The earliest ferry you can take is in Puerto Juarez at 5:00 am.

Nobody likes to carry things, travel light. Take what is necessary with you, don't get stuffed with things. What is indispensable? Towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, wallet and your cell phone.


breakfast in isla mujeres
Breakfast in Isla Mujeres - Hotel Izla

To start the day well and have energy, a good breakfast is essential. You will realize that when you arrive, just walk a little to find a variety of places for breakfast and even in front of the sea. Some restaurants to highlight would be; Mango Café Isla, Pier 7, Rooster, and Greenverde.


beach in isla mujeres
Beach in Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel

To which we go bluntly. Isla is known for its beautiful beaches and turquoise blue sea. Among the favorites, we can find Playa Norte, Playa el Cocal, Playa Garrafón, and Punta Sur. You will discover that its waters are calm and are the ideal places to lie down, sunbathe and enjoy.

Preferred attractions

hacienda mundaca isla mujeres
Hacienda Mundaca in Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel

After having accomplished your mission of visiting some beaches... We will tell you which the favorite attractions are so that you at least reach two. There is the Hacienda Mundaca, Acantilado del Amanecer, Green Demon, El Meco, and Capilla de Guadalupe.

Let's travel together  and complete our bucket list in one day! And hurry up, time flies when you have fun!

Bucket list for Isla Mujeres

Bucket list for Isla Mujeres

Traveling to Mexico is always a pleasure and an adventure. You will have something to do, you will try new flavors and you will learn about culture ... In short, traveling to Mexico is an odyssey. Because of that, we will give you our bucket list for Isla Mujeres. First of all, you should know that Isla Mujeres is a paradise in the state of Quintana Roo. It is the ideal place to relax, enjoy the Caribbean and explore the beauty it has. Let's start with the list!

Playa Norte

Bucket list for Isla Mujeres
Bucket list for Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel

Playa Norte has great recognition from the locals for being a clean, beautiful and quiet beach. You can enjoy incredible sunsets where colors blend in the sky giving a fabulous show. It will be you and the sound of the waves.

Hotel Izla

Bucket list for Isla Mujeres
Bucket list - Izla Hotel

Isla Mujeres is not for a single day. It is one of the destinations where it is worth staying even if it is a weekend. Hotel Izla is one of the best hotels you can stay at. Its customer service is top-notch and its strategic location makes it possible to move easily in addition to waking up with the sea in front.

Garrafón Park

Bucket list for Isla Mujeres
Bucket list for Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel

The fun is for everyone, kids and adults. Garrafón Park is a water park where you can explore reefs, go kayaking, venture into the zip line, enjoy a Mayan bath (the temazcal), swim in swimming pools and much more!


Bucket list for Isla Mujeres
Bucket list - Izla Hotel

Gastronomy in Mexico is something magical! And for being on the beach it is evident that the strong will be seafood. You can not miss the opportunity to try a good fish with garlic, coconut shrimp or an aguachile to suck your fingers.

There are many things to do in Isla Mujeres, but you should try this bucket list on your trip. See you soon!

hacienda mundaca isla mujeres

Hacienda Mundaca: a place built by pirates

Love makes us do crazy things, no matter who you are or where you come from. We can do nothing against him. In the case of the Spanish Fermín Mundaca, a pirate and slave trader, like any other human, fell in love. And when he fell deeply in love with a native girl from Isla Mujeres, he was inspired to build Hacienda Mundaca, also called Vista Alegre.

How did Fermin get to Isla Mujeres? He was running from the law. He impersonated a commercial agent from Cuba but was still trafficking slaves.

We all love what we cannot have; we have an insatiable desire to achieve the forbidden. The same thing happened to Fermin. His mistake was to fall in love with this girl; La Trigueña was her nickname, who was 40 years younger.

The story of a love behind Hacienda Mundaca comes with loneliness and money; both stranded aimlessly

In fact, within the framework of the main gate of the hacienda, it said: "The Entrance of the Trigueña" and Hacienda Mundaca by then, came to occupy almost 40% of all Isla Mujeres, but love never flourished between them. For more roses, flowers, chocolates, and poems, the lady did not yield. He ended up marrying someone of the same age.

hacienda mundaca isla mujeres
Hacienda Mundaca in Isla Mujeres

Although he owned everything, money, jewelry, boats, properties, in the end, he was a lonely man. They say the pirate always lived alone. Now, as they say, not everything that glitters is gold.

In the end, Fermin fell ill. There was a tomb already with his name in Isla Mujeres abut it is empty because they took Fermín to Mérida in the hope of being able to help him, but it was in vain.

Ready for the adventure in Hacienda Mundaca? Isla Mujeres is waiting to offer you this and many more experiences.

spa in isla mujeres

Spa in Isla Mujeres

Candles, massages, comfort, luxury, and beach. All in the same place; the Spa in Isla Mujeres at the Hotel Izla. A long trip can be very tiring, more with stops. Hotel Izla offers a getaway from fatigue and stress in its facilities with the unique purpose of providing you with an unforgettable experience in Mexico.

If it is your first time in a Spa and you don't know what it is about, here we will explain what it is.

What is a spa?

The word “Spa” has two origins. The first is that it means spa because in Belgium, there were thermal waters rich in minerals, and they were famous for their healing powers. The second is that by its initials "Salute Per l'Acqua," which is; health by water. From what we see in stock in both concepts, the word water is implied. Therefore, one of the main treatments offered by this place of relaxation is hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is the application of water with different levels of power so that it is therapeutic. There is physical, thermal, and chemical hydrotherapy. Physical is the use of water on the body with different levels of force in specific joints. Thermal is the application of water at different temperatures where hot and cold water complements each other to give a toning and relaxing effect. And finally, the chemical, where water mixed with various minerals, will trigger another healing effect.

spa in isla mujeres
Spa in Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel

What can you do in a Spa in Isla Mujeres?

A Spa is a comfortable place where it's basically about pampering yourself and your body. How? Through massages, facials, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and so on ... There is always a remedy for every evil that afflicts us if you are not sure which treatment is the one that suits you, never keep the doubt and ask the expert.

Ready to relax at the Hotel Izla?

isla mujeres map

Maps of Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a heavenly place, amazing to see, fantastic to visit and worth remembering. When you are going to travel, you should know what is close.  With this in mind, you will not waste time on your destination and can take advantage of what is around. In the case of Isla Mujeres moving is simple and very fast, keep reading to find a couple of maps of Isla Mujeres to make your stay more pleasant.

  1. Your transportation

To go to Isla Mujeres it is necessary to take a ferry, as well as the return. Hotel Izla is just 14 minutes from the maritime terminal. It is the perfect time to not be in a hurry when we pack and say goodbye to our destination with a warm smile.

Map of Isla Mujeres and the ferry.
           Map of Isla Mujeres and the location of the ferry.
  1. Tortugranja

Between May and September, the sea turtles leave their eggs in the white sand of the Caribbean. Tortugranja is an area that is dedicated to protecting this species from hunters, predators and all those who seek to profit from their meat, shell or eggs. It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day, except for holidays. In addition to caring for turtles, there is a small aquarium where you can see different species of fish, seahorses, and stingrays.

Map of Isla Mujeres and Tortugranja
        Map of Isla Mujeres and Tortugranja
  1. IceBar

IceBar is an excellent place to hang out, it is a different and innovative concept. The place inside is decorated as if it was an igloo, with snow bricks and outside you find the beach. Who said that cold and heat could not come together? Best of all, it is 2 minutes from Hotel Izla.

Map of Isla Mujeres and the ICEBAR
         Map of Isla Mujeres and the ICEBAR

Check the maps of Isla Mujeres and come with us to the Hotel Izla and enjoy its surroundings!

weather in isla mujeres

Weather in Isla Mujeres

Visiting Isla Mujeres is a real delight to enjoy the sun, the beach, and a good life.

Isla Mujeres is one of the few places that we can say that any month is perfect for traveling. Learn about the weather of Isla Mujeres and throw yourself here!

weather in isla mujeres
Weather in Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel Luxury Beachfront

The only month that might represent a misfortune would be October due to its high percentage of rainfall. The months with “lower temperatures” if we could describe it this way are; December and January between 29 and 27 degrees Celsius. It is the perfect temperature to enjoy any way the Caribbean Sea and even more if you come from a cold country. On the other hand, the months with higher temperatures are July and August with an average of 32 to 33 degrees Celsius, likewise, are the months where the day lasts longer than the night. Ideal for vacation! Precisely the two months mentioned above are the high season, so if you want to come and visit us, monitor your flights in advance to find them at the best price.

The favorable climate that Isla Mujeres has allows us to do multiple activities both day and night. From going to the beach, snorkeling, catamaran rides, tours, etc ... It also provides the right conditions for a wide variety of flora and fauna. Thanks to that, you can have the opportunity to swim and interact with the whale shark, sea turtles, birds, and much more.

weather in isla mujeres things to do in isla mujeres whale shark
Weather in Isla Mujeres - Izla Hotel Luxury Beachfront

When you come to Isla Mujeres, keep in mind that with the pleasant weather you don’t come to lock yourself in your hotel room. You happen to experience, know, let yourself be surprised, learn, and that you will not do in the isolation of 4 walls and a bed. Ready for the adventure?

things to do in Isla Mujeres

Discover Isla Mujeres: Isla Contoy Park

Go to an island inside of another island. It even seems philosophical rhetoric, but possible. Discover Isla Contoy National Park in Isla Mujeres.

A heavenly hideaway for everyone who visits it. Fall in love with its warm waters and the beauty of the wildlife that is inside.

You should know that the mangroves on Isla Contoy are, since November 2, 2003, one of the Ramsar sites, which means The Convention Relating to Wetlands of International Importance, especially as Waterfowl Habitat. Therefore, to ensure environmental protection is carried out in this place the ecotourism. What does this mean? Ecotourism is a more environmentally conscious style of tourism; it carries out a sustainable way to help the preservation of ecosystems.

Keep in mind that only 200 visitors are allowed per day, to have greater control over who enters and takes care of the place. Tours for Isla Contoy usually include drinks, continental breakfast, transfer from your hotel to the boat, transportation and snorkeling equipment. We recommend bringing a camera, sandals, a cap, sunscreen, biodegradable repellent, and attitude! You will interact with turtles, a variety of fish, birds and much more!

Isla Contoy Park - Izla Hotel - Beachfront Hotel in Isla Mujeres

Make your reservation in time if you want to reach a place, the best time to go is in summer. Avoid the month of September, it is the rainy season so, it could ruin your trip. Located 30 kilometers north of Isla Mujeres, and only authorized boats can reach it. The driving hours are leaving 9:00 am and returning at 5:00 pm.

Meet Isla Contoy, a true Mexican paradise to rest and enjoy!


Enjoy Isla Mujeres traditions and parties

Isla Mujeres is not only beach and sand. It also has traditions, parties, and culture. We are sure that if the tourists had the time to meet and live them, they would be amazed. The purpose of traveling is to meet, discover, and admire. Therefore, let us discuss some Isla Mujeres traditions and parties so that you arrive you will be prepared for the action.

Island Carnival

Enjoy Isla Mujeres traditions and parties - Izla Hotel - Hotel in Isla Mujeres

The Isla Mujeres Carnival is one of the most important parties that take place during the year. It is celebrated for four days since 1876, so this tradition is carried in the veins of all of us. This 2019 was held from March 1 to 5; the streets were flooded with color, party, beer, crafts, and much joy. Get ready to break the track and have fun with the taste of the Caribbean!

Feast of the Immaculate Virgin

Izla Hotel - Hotel in Isla Mujeres

Mexico, for the most part, is a Catholic country. The Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, the patron saint of Isla Mujeres, is celebrated twice a year, one is at the founding parties and the other on December 8. A previous day a caravan is performed singing the virgin's birthday song to culminate in mass. While on December 8 there is a procession with several boats in honor of the virgin.

The Anniversary of the Foundation

Enjoy Isla Mujeres traditions and parties - Izla Hotel - Hotel in Isla Mujeres

On August 17, 1850, it was when Isla Mujeres was inaugurated. This August 2019 was commemoration 169 and was celebrated with a great variety of cultural events, music, and food. You cannot lose this!

Whale Shark Festival

Izla Hotel - Hotel in Isla Mujeres

Likewise, the whale shark festival takes place July 20-23. This holiday seeks to connect the human being with nature and not forget that we coexist together.

In conclusion, the importance of the roots, the origin, and not forgetting where we come from gives us a feeling of belonging and a patriotic pride rooted in our hearts and our lives. Live the traditions of your country and experience those of others. Meet, admire, and live!