Isla Mujeres is one of the places treasured by Mexico for many reasons. How not to fall in love with Isla, its beautiful beaches, its delicious climate, and the delicacy of its food? But these things you already know them. Something new? You will surely not be aware of Casa Caracol in Isla Mujeres. Continue reading…

¿What is Casa Caracol?

casa caracol isla mujeres
Casa Caracol in Isla Mujeres – Hotel Izla

The architect Octavio Campo was born in Guanajuato in 1943, is a Mexican painter with a versatile style.

Octavio Campo, with a flash of inspiration in the 90s, built Casa Caracol. Legend has it that his brother, Eduardo, visited him and his wife frequently, so Octavio decided to make him a house. But as a good architect and painter, it could not be any house. It had to be different, peculiar, and unique. Octavio went out to the sea to look for a breath of answers until he grabbed a snail from the sand, and an idea emerged.

It was a house on the sea, surrounded by greenery, and with an exterior in the shape of a snail. Undoubtedly captivated Octavio. It caused such a stir… That one is never enough. So, a few years later, they began to build several of these around with a pool and gardens — an incredible set to visit.

If you think that snails inspired only the outside, we are pleased to tell you that you are wrong. It is an integral concept. The interior is wholly designed without losing sight of the idea. The main house has two floors; in the lower part, there is the kitchen, living room and a small bathroom. At the top are the master bedroom and a bathroom with a unique bathtub.

Casa Caracol is located in the southern part, next to the road that surrounds Isla Mujeres.