We use traditional and contemporary techniques to create the unique flavors of Mexico! With its proud heritage and rich customs, Mexico’s gastronomic character is festive, colorful and combines with the heart and happiness of the Mexican Caribbean. Isla Mujeres has the perfect fusion, so we present an incredible wide range of delicious flavors for you!



Open Daily
From 6 PM to 9.00 PM

A Gastronomic tour of local flavors with the influence of our Caribbean brothers, ceviches with exotic fruits, local dishes “gorditas, tamales and kibis”, fresh fish marinated with “axiote”, lobster tacos or deep fried Shrimp; and to top off the evening a rich and delicious slice of cheese cake or mammea pie.



Open Daily
From 7:00 AM a 9.00 PM

Welcome to a sample of smells, colors and flavors of the region! Where you can enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine; for breakfast fresh fruits, Chiapas coffee or Tabasco hot chocolate; A wide variety of Mexican sweet bread prepared every morning in our ovens; In the afternoon in our ocean front fresh fish and shellfish of the island, ceviches, tacos, avocado and hot salsa. During the evening characteristic flavors of Mexican cuisine like mole, axiote sauce, chili poblano or “al pastor”; without forgetting at all times the sweet touches with our ice creams and popsicles made with fresh Mexican fruits in addition to our traditional Mexican cakes.​