To achieve the perfect Instagram feed, you need to share diverse and varied content to keep your followers happy. So here are a few tips to make your followers’ mouths water with your great dish pictures.


Because even with the most professional of appliances, a lamb stew ladled into a shallow dish is not the most appetizing.
It is therefore important to arouse envy and make your dish “photogenic”.

Be meticulous and precise in the composition of your plate. If your dish is rather bland visually, place it on a fun and colorful plate. If, on the contrary, it is full of color, place it on a neutral and monochrome plate.

You can also stage your dish by adding herbs, utensils, or even a few spices all around.

Also very important: the cleanliness of your container! Wipe off any traces or surplus sauce that protrudes. The slightest overflow will immediately show up on your photo and will be neglected.

The perfect Instagram food photo
The perfect Instagram food photo


The use of the flash is not recommended when taking a culinary photograph for Instagram because it is too strong and distorts the color of the food on your plate. Therefore, use daylight.


The key to a successful Instagram culinary photo is, of course, the angle from which it is taken. There is no predefined rule to find the perfect angle, it’s all about testing, testing, testing to get your eye used to finding THE right angle for your photo.

However, a few tips can help you:

Stack thin foods (like pancakes, for example) and photograph them sideways;
Liquids are best taken from above;
For larger food compositions, such as mounted pieces, take a 3/4 shot;
Finally, for less photogenic dishes, opt for a close-up to bring out all the flavors visually.

If you need some examples, you can Izla Hotel on Instagram and maybe show us some of your new techniques.


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