The island is a small paradise located in Mexico that undoubtedly leaves a mouth open to everyone who sees it. Traveling to Isla Mujeres in just one day will undoubtedly be a challenge because although it is not so big it has so much to offer, see, and visit. Therefore, not waste time and let’s get started!

The ferry

ferry to isla mujeres
Ferry to Isla Mujeres – Izla Hotel

To move to Isla Mujeres you must take a ferry. If you will only be one day in Isla Mujeres you will have to make it worth it, so our advice is to take the first ferry to sail. Remember that depending on where you take the ferry, the schedules change. The earliest ferry you can take is in Puerto Juarez at 5:00 am.

Nobody likes to carry things, travel light. Take what is necessary with you, don’t get stuffed with things. What is indispensable? Towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, wallet and your cell phone.


breakfast in isla mujeres
Breakfast in Isla Mujeres – Hotel Izla

To start the day well and have energy, a good breakfast is essential. You will realize that when you arrive, just walk a little to find a variety of places for breakfast and even in front of the sea. Some restaurants to highlight would be; Mango Café Isla, Pier 7, Rooster, and Greenverde.


beach in isla mujeres
Beach in Isla Mujeres – Izla Hotel

To which we go bluntly. Isla is known for its beautiful beaches and turquoise blue sea. Among the favorites, we can find Playa Norte, Playa el Cocal, Playa Garrafón, and Punta Sur. You will discover that its waters are calm and are the ideal places to lie down, sunbathe and enjoy.

Preferred attractions

hacienda mundaca isla mujeres
Hacienda Mundaca in Isla Mujeres – Izla Hotel

After having accomplished your mission of visiting some beaches… We will tell you which the favorite attractions are so that you at least reach two. There is the Hacienda Mundaca, Acantilado del Amanecer, Green Demon, El Meco, and Capilla de Guadalupe.

Let’s travel together  and complete our bucket list in one day! And hurry up, time flies when you have fun!