Off the coast of Cancun and the Yucatán Peninsula is a small island that looks like heaven: Isla Mujeres. The island is more laid-back and peaceful than Cancun. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to do, you are always able to fill your day with water sports, shopping, investigating, and making new companions in that great environment.

From the north to the south of Isla (as the locals call it) you will encounter landscapes that are very different from each other: lively life and beaches in the north, a steep and wild coast in the south.

Punta Sur

The south is also famous for its many unique diving spots in the world, including the amazing and unbelievable Underwater Museum!

Inaugurated in 2009, this museum retraces the evolution of Mayan culture with no less than 460 statues… immersed! You will be able to admire in the middle of fish and other aquatic creatures the works of the British artist Jason de Caires Taylor and those of some local artists…

A piece of advice: if you like the unusual and the offbeat, don’t miss this extraordinary place!


Isla Mujeres Center

But what makes the undeniable charm of Isla Mujeres, are its small villages and their colorful houses that you will meet especially in the center of the island…

Shops, restaurants, smells, and music, and you will no longer feel like you are in Mexico but somewhere in the Caribbean!

Take the opportunity to do some shopping and get lost in this maze of colors and houses, each one more beautiful than the other!

visit isla mujeres
Why visit Isla Mujeres?

Punta Norte

If you continue further north, you will arrive in the most touristy and lively part of the island. Welcome to the golden sandy beaches and idleness!

Take the opportunity to swim in Playa Norte! Admire a sublime sunset before taking the boat back to Cancun with a head full of beautiful memories…